World Cup: Best goal celebrations
World Cup celebrations are often as memorable as the goals that proceeded them - here's our pick of the bunch.

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Easy steps to read her body language

Easy steps to read her body language
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Impressing a sexy woman is as daunting as public speaking about a topic you are brainless about — you try to stick to what (little) you know about the topic (the sexy woman) and hope that your performance impresses the right people.

Want to know how to make this task a pleasant one? Well check out our easy steps to read her body language.

The hand's job
Make a lady nervous and she'll stare at the backs of her hands all night. If she's comfortable enough to be leaning forward with her chin up on her palm, however, she's currently in the process of deciding whether or not she'll tolerate your fumbling conversation long enough to get you home — potentially.

Let her fingers do the talking
If the object of your affection is drinking, that's already a point in your favour — but the way she's fondling that champagne glass is a much more reliable way of working out whether she likes what she sees, i.e. You. Elegantly caressing the edge of her glass is almost always a sign of sexual desire, a fact often admitted by women themselves. Conversely, if she's drumming those digits against an empty libation, tonight is not your night.

Scrutinise her hair
We're not referring to seeing if she has a dandruff-dense scalp but rather the way a woman works her mane. If she's pushing those fingers softly through her hair, she's after your attention, but quick fidgeting with the ends of her cheap extensions means she wants out of this conversation, pronto.

It's in her eyes
When chatting up a hot lady try to focus on her face — more than any other body part. Particularly, be more concerned with the way her peepers are peeper'ing. Fluttering eyelashes are the sign of a woman who wants to do the dominating, so if you catch wind of active lashes, sit back and enjoy the ride. Also, check out the pupils on this honey — if they are big, she's into you. If they're small, the interest level is waning.

Foot fetish
Simple question, and one you should ask yourself a minute after you meet: are her feet pointed at you, or away from you? Sitting or standing, if those flippers are directed your way you have her genuine attention. If not, do something. Anything. Make a joke and then laugh uproariously. Just get those toes over.

Leg fetish
Of slightly more importance than her feet are what comes next — her legs. A woman's pins are your beacons to whether you are sinking or swimming. Does she cross and uncross them? Swing them to and fro? Both of these are giveaways of horniness. On the flipside, if those stilts are sandwiched together, you're not getting anywhere.

Glistening lips
A woman's lips are funny things. They come in all shapes and sizes, some are a bit fuzzy, and most of them shine with a kind of constant moistness peculiar to girlfolk. They're also a dead-on giveaway that she wants you to seal that deal with a kiss. If she's licking them and otherwise biting them, you are cleared for take-off. Naturally, the lips only become a factor later in the evening.

She touches you
This one's the most important of the lot. Doubtless you've heard time and time again that if a girl makes deliberate physical contact with you — a few fingertips against the chest here, a gentle squeeze of the bicep there — that you're in like Flynn. What you may not know is that she might actually be using this as an excuse to see if she likes the merchandise without having to commit to undressing it. Note what kind of contact is being made before getting excited.

'X' Marks the stop
The crossed arms are the end of the line; time to pack up, head home, and forget this whole sordid affair ever tried to happen. If those slender guns of hers are X'ed firmly over her delicious chestal region, you have lost. There is no coming back from this. Simply boring a filly with your tireless enthusiasm for Black Ops won't cause the arms to cross — you've either offended her or come away like a dodgy pervert. Drink the drink you got her and go home to…Black Ops.

Chesty challenge
Breasts are great things, but they're also a living, heaving challenge that you must tackle head-on — without looking at them. A pretty lady on the prowl will often bolster her bust and that in itself can be a fair indication she's looking for lurve, but plumped-up bra-fillers double as obstacles that requires discipline to hurdle. If she catches you staring at them but once — even if it was just an agonising split-second glance — your chances cop a hampering. Make it a point not to stare. Well, try, at least.

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User comments
Yep, have to say I agree with Lara's comment. I'm pretty confident around guys in general, BUT, if he's a hottie and I'm interested, I am the complete opposite. Words come out jumbled (HATE that!), I fidget endlessly, lose concentration easily (because I'm so caught up in the moment), and am super shy. Unless he pursues me or blatantly shows his interest in me, there's NO way I'll go after him! Sad but true.
if she takes her shoes off and tucks her up under her on your couch then youre in like flynn,
A lot of girls are just as nervous around a cute guy as a guy is nervous around a cute girl. Personally, the more I like a guy, the more shy and nervous I get around him, whereas if I'm not really interested I'm a lot more confident! So if a girl is fidgeting fast with her hair, looking at her hands, etc. it doesn't necessary mean she's not keen - she could just be the shy type, imho.