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Kiwi girls: Most promiscuous women in the world

Kiwi girls: Most promiscuous women in the world
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Boys brace yourself — New Zealand women are the most promiscuous in the world, an international study has found.

The survey found Kiwi girls have an average of 20.4 sexual partners in a lifetime, according to media reports.

It also found Sweden is home to the most bisexual women in the world and Brazilians birds last longest in bed.

When it comes the lads, the world's most promiscuous men are to be found in Austria, where guys have on average 29.3 partners in their lifetime.

Germany is the country with the world's worst lovers because they have been labelled "too smelly".

Meanwhile Spain is home to the world's best lovers.

When it comes timing the Thais like to get things over and done with quickly — sex lasts an average of 10 minutes, the shortest amount of time in the world.

In Brazil they like to take their time, notching up an average of 30 minutes of action between the sheets.

The survey was undertaken by for Marie Claire.

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  • User comments
    I know what you mean G-Man. Does she treat you like a statistic or do you just feel that way? I've been in the same situation and let the girl go. She treated me like a stat and that's exactly what I was. I don't get the sleeping around and it's not a double standard. Women should respect themselves and so should us men. When there is that mutual respect then (hopefully) you meet the right person and good things happen.
    My girlfriend has had 20 sex partners...not including the ones she slept aroudn with when she wasnt seeing anyone. She must be up in the 30s. As a guy, not really keen on sticking around. Feels like im just another statistic.
    it all up to the individual i am 21 only slept with one guy and have been with that guy for 7 years. This is all got to do with some stupid study.... a lot of gurls do go out and drink and some of them are sluts but for those who aint is dergarding to them. we are all people does it really matter who promiscuous or not? Sex is sex.... who cares who u do it with or how many people u slept with
    i am sorry man but i saw your comment about "the most natural beautiful women in the world" ha ha are we really talking about nz here?!!! comeee on!!!!! THey are just not attractive at all but they also look like, behave like and dress like a man!!! you want one advise? go to brazil and will see what a real hot girl bro!!!
    I've had over 30 sexual partners 0.0 in saying that, I don't have a really lose hole. I'm just a nymph and I'm 21.
    That study by durex revealed that new zealand womens average is 20, while new zealand mens average is 16.
    It's quite annoying when you get people with all this abusive kind of judgmental assumptions and so on over headlines and 'stories'. So what if New Zealand women are the most promiscuous in the world? People will have sex with however many people come and go from their lives, they will get drunk and have sex with someone. It is really their choice and I don't think people have the right to say whats wrong or right. It's not like anyone in this world is perfect. Also no matter the country, there are attractive and unattractive people. Get over it. I know when I was younger I had a lot of sexual partners making my number over the average 20.4 and its hard to watch young girls now put themselves out there like that, but I honestly wouldn't change a thing. You experiment and experience a range of people and learn which kind of people you'd rather not bother with in life and in turn are satisfied completely with who you end up with as you know you're not missing out on anything more.
    New Zealand women are the most promiscuous in the world, an international study has found.?? Im gona need more stats!
    This fact saddens me somewhat. The fact that the woman here are really promiscuous is not particularly a good thing. I've met many beautiful girls in new Zealand and have been surprised at how many were willing to jump straight into the sack with me after only knowing me for a few hours. It's safe to say that alcohol has been a factor in most of those cases but there have been sober propositions too!!! Bit of a turn-off really. Makes it hard for guys who are actually looking for something more than a bit of meaningless sex. Don't get me wrong - there is definatly a time and place for meaningless sex....just bums me out when they are actually a really nice girl you could see yourself in a reletionship with but all they want to do is "have a good time" if you know what i mean. Hence why many relationships don't last these days, too much freedom and choice.
    I think it's no surprise considering that Kiwi women run NZ that they are MASSIVE sluts. This is also a drinking country which is a major contrbuting factor having travelled all around the world I can safely say this is absolutely true. Kiwi women basically can NOT close their legs and feel the need to be loved by spreading their STDs another reason would be because they arent very attractive. Too manly looking. Kiwi men are okay I guess nothing to look at really. That's what you get when women wanna be "independent" cough cough (wanna blow a buncha guys.)