World Cup: Best goal celebrations
World Cup celebrations are often as memorable as the goals that proceeded them - here's our pick of the bunch.

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Nude Kiwi cyclists issued warning for no helmet

Nude Kiwi cyclists issued warning for no helmet (Getty Images)
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Two Kiwi cyclists wearing nothing but their birthday suits have been issued with a warning for riding without protective head gear.

The two freewheeling lads, both in their early 20s, told police officer Cathy Duder the reason for their nude ride was “to experience total freedom", according to media reports.

The officer retorted “the way you're heading, you're going to experience total confinement”.

She said the two men appeared surprisingly sober.

"They didn't seem drunk at all. That's what worried me," she joked.

The nudists were issued with a warning before being sent on their way.

"I suggested that they stay on their bicycles and not get off because they were managing to discretely hide their bits and pieces," she said.

The officer also apparently enjoyed a bit of a cheeky perve and said the men were "very fit".

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