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Kiwi blokes have a sensitive side

Kiwi blokes have a sensitive side
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Not all Kiwi blokes are rugby-loving beer-guzzlers — latest research shows NZ men have a more sensitive side than given credit for.

The survey showed Kiwi men often felt self-conscious about their looks and took steps such as purchasing multiple skincare products to improve them.

More than two thirds of men surveyed said they used one or two products as part of their daily skincare and shaving routine. Some men took even greater care with their appearance just over a quarter admitting they use three or more shaving or skincare products daily.

The blokes showed their sensitive side by confessing that shaving rash or visibly irritated skin made them feel self-conscious.

Psychologist Sara Chatwin said it was great to see Kiwi males taking pride in their appearance and not being embarrassed to purchase products to help them look and feel their best.

“Men were incredibly honest about their insecurities including skin rashes and irritations," she said. "As most women would agree, facial anomalies are so obvious that they can cause anxiety and embarrassment if left unaddressed.”

So what do women think about all this saving and preening?

Kiwi women, it seems, prefer their men to persevere and overcome their shaving issues. Three quarters of women prefer their men to be clean shaven while only 7 per cent said they prefer a beard, moustache or other facial hair.

The survey was carried out by Gillette as part of their sensitive survey.

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User comments
Thinking I was going to read about something positive and enlightening, I was disappointed to only read about The Kiwi Males Hygiene (which is no different than the rest of the world by the way) Habits! I was hoping to read something more along the lines of The Kiwi Male Being More Sensitive... In Their Ways Of Relating To Woman (which I found to be "somewhat" behind the rest of the world. Woman are not treated as equals in social settings eg. woman sitting all together here, as men all hang out over there. If a woman should try to interact with the men over there, their reaction is "shh, what the?? what she doin here?? whata ya want,need??", then basically dismiss her)
Totally agree, Jeff of Welly. It's sickening to see how many men pander to women's expectations. My argument is that women don't want men, they want chicks with "sticks". Grow something in that sack and be yourselves. Grow that fireman,s mo, that paramedic's goatee, that miner's beard. Be men! real men!
Good on gillette for carrying out this study and letting the many impressionable kiwi blokes (or boys) know that 93 percent of women prefer men clean shaven. Now we can go buy a gillette razor and make us look pretty for the girls so that they like us. Boy power...woooo. Quit encouraging the desperate "we'll do anything for women" generation. Its bad enough in NZ.