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The clothes men wear that women hate

By Sarah Hecks and Rosalind Scutt
The clothes men wear that women hate
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There are exceptions to these rules. As with all clothes, stick 'em on someone beautiful and they'll look good.

So, yes, put the most devastatingly handsome bloke in a pair of cheap, pointy leather shoes, give him a big, nasty gold chain and let him wear a v-neck which comes down to his navel and he'll still look good, just about. But that guy’s probably not you.

We’re not all Brad Pitt-a-likes so pay attention as we reveal the things men wear that women wish they wouldn't.

Bling bling! Rockin' your jewels like Jay-Z or — in the most extreme case — Mr T, that's a massive fail. You are not a gangster, your necklace comes from a local Jeweller and why are you wearing women's accessories? Leave accessorising to the ladies.

Ankle length pants
Are you wearing shorts? Are you wearing trousers? No! You are wearing 'manpris'. These are the no-man's-land of the fashion world, a fashion time-bomb waiting to go off. And your ankles just aren't that attractive boys.

Print shirts
You know the type, the one every trend setting wanna-be wears on a Friday or Saturday night with some sort of 'worn' print somewhere on it. The type of thing you buy because you want the world to know you have no fashion sense of your own and you think because you bought it in London or worse, Thailand, that it's cool. It's not. And that slogan you think means something cool? It doesn't.

Pointy ‘leather’ shoes
Nothing says cheap like these. The favourite of toilet attendants and dodgy taxi drivers, these are identifiable from miles away due to their ridiculously pointy toes that endow the wearer with a turning circle akin to a saloon car. Just ridiculous.

Deep Vs
Is that a belly button I see before me? Are you trying to attract females with your pecs? And is that fake tan you’re sporting? Cleavage is for girls. You might think you can get away with it, but you'll just end up in competition with the girl you're chatting to. Never a route to success.

Skinny jeans
This may be a little controversial but let's specify a distinction: there are slim jeans and then there are jeggings. Boys, you are not supposed to have legs skinnier than your girlfriend's. And how do you get them to be loose and too tight all at the same time? It's like they were designed by someone who hates people and clothes and hates you.

Were jeans shorts (jorts) ever fashionable? Even when you were a kid and you cut them off and let them fray and pulled them to bits? No. Hear this, you wear shorts because it's hot outside so you choose nice, breathable denim. Easy really. Can't see how this one can go so horribly wrong.

Remember when you were a kid and your dad would wear sandals with socks and kiss you in front of your mates at rugby training? Was it the kiss or the sandals that made your checks burn? It really doesn’t matter just as long as you remember how totally uncool the sandals were. Some things never change. So, unless you’re a hippy living on a commune growing organic mung beans and communicating with crystals it’s very, very unlikely you could pull the sandaled look off.

Flannelette shirts
Sure, New Zealand is a place of rugged farmland and inclement weather and a good flanny is an essential item for any rural bloke’s wardrobe. But that’s just the thing — they’re great for keeping you warm when out on the farm but don’t expect to impress if you take your flanny to town.

Track pants
To be fair there’s a whole spectrum of track pants ranging from hip and funky to bad and skanky. The funky ones (think Adidas, Mambo and Billabong) can work for super casual occasions like say, first thing on a Sunday morning. The ones that never work are the cheap, ankle elasticised, tandoori stained types that have been lying in the corner of your bedroom for weeks. Do not wear these out. Do not wear them at all. It’s simple gentlemen.

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User comments
wearing "fashionable clothes" is for people who dont want to create their own style of wear. do we really want everyone to look the same?
come on men ... you must have pet hates about some women's clothing ... ! for instance would you like a hot babe strutting around in a pair of granny shoes? or how about a crimpolene dress? I think the lady that wrote this has a point .... some things are just generally ugly, and yes we can all be free spirits when it comes to the way we dress ... but it doesn't mean that if we wear David Bain jerseys people are gonna like it much!
Interesting what you say about shoes. I tend to wear shoes with a slightly longer toe, depends on the occasion, I actually have a wardrobe of shoes. I've been complimented by several women on may taste in shoes. As previous gentlemen have said, it does show how fickle some women can be. I travel through Dubai a lot on my way to NZ, from other destinations East, and wandering through the shopping malls, gives me an idea of how men's fashions are trending. I've always found NZ and Australia are at least 6 months to a year behind European fashions, except of course in the Flannelette shirt market.
Who Cares!
Every woman has her own prefferance really, and every man has their own style. Why not wear something because the tabloids say "it's uncool" Pretty horrible tbh.
Skinny jeans are not 'in' this season. They have never been 'in' at all. Men do not wear them, it's a basic rule.
RE skinny jeans Posted by rachel deadman ok im a female model and i work with alot of gay male models and ewwww skinny jeans is what they all wear, i like my men manly dont get me wrong i have gay male friends its just that if a straight male whants to know what a woman likes to see her man in it sure as hell is not skinny jeans and to mr teej im sorry but your obviously gay because NO woman wants her man to look skinnier than her... Why is Mr_teej obviously gay? Just because he made a good point about what's happening with male fashion right now? Racheal do we say you're obviously dumb because you're a model and you can't spell or write a grammatically correct sentence?
Thanks racheal you have just proved my point about how women can be fickle when it comes to fashion and the constant competing to look "better" than everyone (even your boyfriend), but, you are a model with gay friends so somehow thats got something to do you knowing what EVERY woman thinks when it comes to men and what woman want to see them wearing????***????
Spot on myrmaden. Image is everything and it's such a shame that there is so little choice for men in NZ. Clothing and fashion is meant to be a source of fun and inspiration. It is the likes of Noey with their "Gum Boots" attitude who are more than likely to be the ones employed as the mens department clothing and shoe buyers. You know, the type who firmly believe that because NZ is so far from the rest of the world it shouldn't matter how the men are dressed. It really makes me wonder if these people actually travel outside of NZ to see what is current or at least tateful in the world of mens fashion. Ultimately, they are the ones responsible for the majority of NZ mens "fashion" or apparent lack thereof.
ok im a female model and i work with alot of gay male models and ewwww skinny jeans is what they all wear, i like my men manly dont get me wrong i have gay male friends its just that if a straight male whants to know what a woman likes to see her man in it sure as hell is not skinny jeans and to mr teej im sorry but your obviously gay because NO woman wants her man to look skinnier than her...