World Cup: Best goal celebrations
World Cup celebrations are often as memorable as the goals that proceeded them - here's our pick of the bunch.

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Would you like to smell like bacon or beer?

19:00 Tue Feb 5 2013
Love bacon and beer? Now you can smell like it

Do you like the scent of vanilla and lavender, but would rather smell it on your woman than on you?

A 27-year-old US man has created a range of manly-scented soaps that smell like beer, cannabis, bacon and even money.

And with the catchphrase: "You're a man. Time to start smelling like one,” it’s hard to not to give it a try.

Nebraskan man Adam Anderson started making the strange concoctions in his kitchen sink after he realised soap often contained more “feminine” aromas.

The UK’s Daily Mail reported Anderson saying: “It all started a few months ago when I went to wash my hands and noticed all the girly scented soaps we had around the house.”

“I thought to myself, ‘this is not how a man’s hands should be smelling’. That’s when he started to develop Man Soap.

soil bacon

“I sat back and thought about what were some of the world’s favorite smells. Things like bacon and fresh cut grass and even buttered popcorn.

“Before that I had never made soap,but after a few weeks of research I had produced my first batch of soap in my kitchen, which included 12 different scents.”

cash coffee

The Man Soap range includes; brewed coffee, red wine, bonfire, freshly cut grass, beer, cedar log cabin, cannabis, cash, bacon, baseball gloves, buttered popcorn, Democrat, Republican and urinal mint .

After selling it at craft stalls and markets, Man Soap is available online at the Gadgets and Gear store.