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Tui attacks Ridges in 'Yeah right' campaign

11:30 Wed Sep 12 2012
Tui the ridges billboard
The Tui mobile billboard mocking The Ridges.

The Ridges have become the latest punch-line in one of Tui beer's trademark sarcastic advertising campaigns.

With much media interest and debate about 'The Ridges' reality TV show, the beer brand figured poking fun at the family the perfect way to launch their first ever mobile billboard.

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The advertisement will be attached to a trailer and driven around Auckland today.

"Just like the scores of 'Yeah right' lines written over the past 18 years, this particular 'Yeah right' line is all about calling it how it is and bringing a smile to New Zealanders," said Tui marketing manager William Papesch.

"Unlike every other billboards before it, this will be mobile, delivering a smile to Aucklanders when they least expect it."

Unfortunately for the Ridges, they can expect an eyeful of the billboard if they chose to look out their windows.

The sign will pass by both Sally and Matthew's residence, along Queen St, Ponsonby Road and by other places of interest in the city.

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