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Man's huge penis causes security scare

13:00 Fri Sep 7 2012
Simon West, MSN NZ
Jonah Falcon
TV hosts are amazed by Jonah Falcon's huge penis.

The owner of the world's largest penis, Jonah Falcon, has opened up to a morning show about how he lives with his massive member and how it once caused a security alert at an airport.

Speaking with UK show This Morning, the New York local said his 13.5 inch penis has always been a focal point of his life. It has, however, triggered numerous set-backs like the hold-up he recently caused at San Francisco airport.

Startled security officers believed the 41-year-old was concealing either drugs or a bomb in his trousers.

"I had my 'stuff' strapped to the left. I wasn't erect at the time," said Falcon. "One of the guards asked if my pockets were empty and I said, 'Yes.'

"I was amused. What was the worst that was going to happen? Would I have to pull it out for them?"

Falcon was then led through an X-ray body scanner and a metal detector in front of bewildered guards and other travellers.

"I have been doing that all my life," he said. "It was more annoying that I had a two hour delay."

The average length of a flaccid male organ measures in at 3-4 inches. The 5ft 9 Falcon boasts an impressive 8 incher, which can grow to 13.5 inches when erect.

He admits that his point of difference has been the subject of awe since his younger years and he isn’t afraid to let his package show.

"At baseball camp, people made a big deal out of it," he said. "I was pretty promiscuous. I am an actor and an only child so very much a show-off."

Despite Falcon's willingness to flaunt his 'talent' by wrapping his penis around his leg and wearing tight cycling shorts, he says he knocks back porn offers every other day.

"I can't perform in public, I wear tight jeans but I won't do anything in front of other people.

"There's a very fine line between exploitation and prostitution and I concern myself with that. I think I have been on the right side.

"When I look down on myself I don't see anything special but I still enjoy having something special."

No doubt most men would happily have that same specialty.

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