World Cup: Best goal celebrations
World Cup celebrations are often as memorable as the goals that proceeded them - here's our pick of the bunch.

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Men hit sexual peak in their thirties

16:30 Mon Jun 4 2012
Simon West, MSN NZ
Men hit sexual peak in their thirties
He's reached his peak and she's loving it. (Thinkstock)

It's often said that men get better with age. Traditionally, this comforting statement has related to men's looks, but a new study shows that it could also be associated to their prowess in the bedroom.

A poll of 1281 people conducted by online sex toy retailer lovehoney found that men reach their sexual peak at 33, while a female hits hers aged 28.

This sits in stark contrast to a common theory that men make the best lovers in their teens and early twenties.

Sex and relationship experts tend to agree with the recent study. Their theory is that compared to women, it takes men far longer to understand the genitalia of the opposite sex and how to fully pleasure them.

This seems logical, and there's little doubt a woman would rather make love to someone with a little know-how, rather than a fumbling teen.

Another idea is that girls frequently get a head-start when it comes to sex. While women tend to use their youth a beauty to win over pretty much whomever they choose, men take a little longer to grow into themselves and catch-up at a later age.

So for men, it appears practice and time make perfect, or at least satisfactory. And for women, well, if you're courting a thirty-something guy that appears aloof or won't commit, there's possibly a good reason — he's making up for lost time and enjoying his sexual prime.

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