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Accused robber poses with cash on Facebook

13:30 Thu Feb 9 2012
Matthew Montgomery in the photo from his Facebook page.
Matthew Montgomery in the photo from his Facebook page.

A robber has been arrested after holding up a postal service driver and then posting a photo of himself posing with a wad of cash.

Matthew Montgomery, from the US state of North Carolina, is accused of stealing $5200 from the driver during a heist near Charlotte last November, the Smoking Gun website reports.

Federal investigators identified the 30-year-old as a suspect before checking his Facebook page, where they found several suspicious posts on his Facebook wall and a recently uploaded photo of him with a bundle of cash.

"It's time to go get that money rob work steel [sic] whatever," Montgomery allegedly wrote in one Facebook post in August.

A September status update read: "Life is f---ed up u try to do right dont lie dont cheet [sic] and still s--- happns now i got to go back to da old me to try to make it".

Montgomery, who was arrested this morning while he was visiting his probation officer, is scheduled to appear at a district court in Charlotte today on robbery charges.

His previous convictions include grand larceny and burglary.

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