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Rugby player 'wakes up gay' after stroke

Rugby player 'wakes up gay' after stroke
Rugby player 'wakes up gay' after stroke
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A Welsh rugby player says he "woke up gay" after suffering a stroke and has since transformed himself — becoming a hairdresser, losing 50kg, and dumping his girlfriend for a man.

Chris Birch, 26, said he loved sport and drinking beer with his friends before he broke his neck doing a backflip at the gym and suffered a stroke, the Daily Mail reports.

Mr Birch said he was never attracted to men or had any gay friends before the freak accident and was even planning on marrying his girlfriend, although they were on a break when the incident occurred.

But Mr Birch said he felt different after he woke up at Royal Gwent hospital in Newport suddenly finding he was no longer interested in women.

Mr Birch said he also hated everything about his old life, couldn't get on with his friends, hated sport and found his job working at a bank boring.

"I started to take more pride in my appearance, bleached my hair and started working out — I went from a 19st skinhead to a 11st preened man," Mr Birch said.

Stroke Association spokesman Joe Korner said it was not known if the stroke turned Mr Birch gay, or if he had been gay before the accident but was unaware of it.

There have been previous cases where stroke victims have experienced dramatic changes, including waking up speaking different accents and languages.

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