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Extra-marital affairs website launched in New Zealand

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A website for people looking for a bit of hanky panky on the side arrives in New Zealand this month.

Adulterers can sign up to for free, according to media reports.

Like any dating website, users create a profile and search for their perfect mate.

However they must buy credits to communicate with other users to arrange the affair meeting places.

Creator Noel Biderman told reporters he brought the service here to because so many Kiwis tried to sign up on the Australian site which launched last week.

"Four to five thousand people were trying to log in from New Zealand. We thought while we were (in Australia) we should grab that opportunity," he said.

The site's slogan is "Life is short, have an affair".

Biderman created the site in Canada in 2001 before expanding to the US and UK.

It has 5.7 million anonymous members.

The 38-year-old former lawyer and sports agent said he was a "happily married" father of two and would be "devastated" if his wife cheated on him.

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User comments
check it out, another similar local NZ site has been launched, quite interesting, but I agree, the idea of these sites are just wrong, but on the other hand whoever launched them intended to operate them just as any other businesses, they don't care if you go on there and cheat, they only provided a platform, it's the people who decide to go on there and cheat on their spouses that are wrong.
"Rochellebeans, Auckland"....yYOU ARE WHAT'S WRONG WITH SOCIETY! For the practicality and pleasure of peace and harmony in this world, the world isn't ONE BIG MALL where you can just spot any market and just pounce on it regardless of absolutely anything. There's a thing called human emotion which we keep in a positive state through certain values and ethics such as courtesy and respect for other human beings, especially our spouses who care for us and or are in an agreement beneficial for raising the next generation. It's your extreme liberal hippie *** attitude that is rotting and perverting many positive values by neglecting practical rules and social responsibilities. Try seeing the world from a population level (ie it's influences) rather than purely an individual (freedom) point of view...and you may just click!!!...that if the population is subjected to positive environment (instead of negative), the population behaves positively and individual freedom isn't an issue.
your all civillised beings. what about the rest of us? for some it takes more then a hug on the couch to satisfy our needs, it may not be the most loyal respectable way to go behind someones back but dont think we dont know that. if you think any of your comments on this page are going to influence our decision. think again! if its not for you, stay off the site. for myself having an affair is secound nature if there was no site i would be doing it anyway, this way its more convinient as long as i clear my internet history? i dont have to explain why i wont be calling the next day, its just mutual. ive been hapily married for 5 and a half years and my housband knows not a thing. we also have an amazing sex life. but what can i say it just not enough for me. i do not think i could be satisfied by one partner only. and honney dont thnk im bothered if im doing it with your husband! xx signing off!
I am disgusted with this site to be honest. There is enough cheating going on today without the help of the internet. Yes people will cheat with or without this site but why encourage it? Is Noel Biderman really happily married? Why else would he create such a website? I have recently been cheated on and it is the most hurtful and horrible feeling I have ever felt! No wonder there are so many broken families and not to mention murders happening these days! Karma will find this man - that I am sure of.
Getting a life has nothing to do with it Jacky me boy, when you commit to a marriage you stick through with it.. a very easy motto to follow, if you don't want to follow it and go around cheating, don't commit beforehand, just makes you a liar and a backstaber BAMBAM, yes, it hurts IT HURTS SO MUCH Life is short have an affair, very funny saying btw, even if it makes you a prick hahahaha
Oh my god, get over yourselves people. This guy has obviously just spotted a gap in a market and will prosper for having done so. Good on him! While I don't agree with cheating in most cases, I do believe that it is NOT YOUR BUSINESS if people choose to do so. Why don't you just 'forget' the site exists and go back to the ignorance you so obviously enjoy in regard to other, much more important issues.
Jack, It's actually the 21st century buddy, has been for about 10 years. You're proof that loose morals and lack of intelligence go hand in hand.
Why would you get into a relationship get married have kids (if you do) just to go onto some stupid website to cheat on your partner i am 20 have the cutest daughter and the best girl ever and will stay that way if you want to cheat DONT GET MARRIED! you are obviously thinking about your pleasure rather then your partners and or kids feelings if your low enough to cheat. i have gone off social sites because of this type craap and this site just makes me feel i have made the right desicion. thanks Noel Biderman you have officially confirmed why i no longer like social sites and hate dating sites.
I agree its wrong & its sin but perhaps for those partners who mutually agree of having an affair with strangers or being swingers it may enhance their sexual relationship but shouldn't affect their marriage it can be a temporay fun but one has to be carefull. Disagree with cheating though bx thats unfair.
Typical Ozzies - so no taste! That webiste is so wrong on every level! Anyone looking to join a real dating site with a difference should look at - more about setting up your single mates than trying to have an affair with someone elses spouse!!