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Depressed men struggle more than women

Depressed man
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Men struggle more than women do when depressed, a new study has found.

The research, by the University of Otago, Wellington, found that men suffering from anxiety and depression were unable to function socially and in basic roles compared to women with the same disorders.

Dr Kate Scott and associate professor Sunny Collings conducted the research, and found that men with a current mood disorder were 10 times more likely to report role problems than men without one.

Women with a mood disorder are only four times more likely to report role problems than ones without such disorders.

"Our research confirms that women are more likely than men to experience mood and anxiety disorders," Scott said, "but what is new is our finding that among men and women with those disorders, it is actually men who experience greater difficulties in role, social and cognitive functioning."

The findings counter common opinion that women suffer greater disabilities when depressed. One possible explanation is that women are more willing to seek treatment than men, while having greater intimate and emotional ties to compassionate family or friends.

"What's happening here is that both men and women who suffer from depression or anxiety have problems functioning in their day-to-day roles, in social situations and with communicating, but men have more difficulty in these areas than women," Scott said.

The researchers urged better assessment of male patients' mental health by questioning role and social functioning, rather than focusing on depression and anxiety symptoms.

Men notoriously avoid going to the doctors, so attention needs to be paid to raising the profile of common mental disorders and disabilities among men.

"The evidence from this study is that a more systematic and assertive focus on men in this area is overdue for humanitarian, social and economic reasons," Scott said.

The study was based on interviews with 7435 people aged 16 and over.

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User comments
I think women are just better at acting and hiding their problems for the sake of those around them. The internal struggle is probably just as bad.
I think mens inability to cope now stems from the sensitive new age male premise whereby males hang more with their wives and girlfiends and spend less one on one time with the 'blokes'. In the circle of trust the male bastion holds men can share, understand and witness the range of social and financial issues all of us experience in a non threatening environment. Dont say men of the past didnt share - they shared a wealth of knowledge and experience todays men never get!
as a young guy that has a anxiety problem the hardest part is having people that actually understand what your having to go through at times just to function day to day alot of the time people dnt understand what anxiety actually is . Also guys wont really ever have the time to sit and listen to there mate or friend to try understand what is going on and sometimes you dnt want to tell family members luckily for me i went and got help but the hardest part is having someone that is willing to talk to you on a day to day basis if you need them that knows what your going through i totally agree with what has been said in that article guys need to harden up and help there mates out by listening and being there for them not telling them to harden up and giving them another bottle of beer
This is quite true because man don't realy love to talk about their problems than their sucess like woman do, unless he can not take it anymore and there is no way to fight or escap instead drowning himself in depression. I might be wrong , but it is depend on how bad the situation is and if he has no one to talk to even the closest one like mum and dad and ............. Why people with depression need to see doctor? Is it an illness which cause depressed and so on? If so , doctor is the right answer and help. Or is it something els which cause the problems and creat the depression? If so , we all know the answer who do we need for help. ( again , MUM AND DAD AND WIFE OR HUSBAND OR PARTNER ) is always a big help !!!!!!!!! WHAT IF YOU HAVE NO WANT .............................................................................................................?
society is largely to blame ,macho society is a void of nothingness. seek christ and close famly do not be a sterotypes .