World Cup: Best goal celebrations
World Cup celebrations are often as memorable as the goals that proceeded them - here's our pick of the bunch.

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<h1>Are you a jealous guy?</h1>

Are you a jealous guy?

According to behaviour expert Dr Pam Spurr, jealousy can become a pathological problem with the potential to destroy relationships. Take this quiz and find out if your behaviour's affected by this powerful emotion.

<h1>Is your missus up to no good?</h1>

Is your missus up to no good?

Are you getting suspicious of what your girlfriend is up to? Think she might be playing around? Take this quiz to find out if your girl is having fun with other blokes behind your back.

<h1>Are you on the verge on an affair?</h1>

Are you on the verge on an affair?

Are you completely committed to your girlfriend or are you likely to be seduced by another lady if the opportunity came knocking? Take our quiz and find out for sure.

<h1>Are you a metrosexual?</h1>

Are you a metrosexual?

If you spend more time looking in the mirror and scanning fashion magazines than your girlfriend, you're probably a metrosexual. Take our quiz and find out for sure.

<h1>Are you under the thumb?</h1>

Are you under the thumb?

Does your girlfriend control your life? Are you able to make decisions for yourself? Take our quiz and see if you're under the thumb.

<h1>Test your first date etiquette</h1>

Test your first date etiquette

Are you a gentleman or completely clueless on a first date? Take our quiz and see if you're a stud or a dud.