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Picking up via social networking sites

Forming a relationship via computer
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These days it seems acceptable to spend hours on Facebook checking out other people's pictures, especially the hot ones.

In the social networking community, it seems inevitable that blokes would have a crack at picking up on Facebook. For girls, there's that mysterious "he could be the one" factor if she hasn't met you in person yet.

Plus you can "poke" someone instead of getting four beers under your belt at the pub and approaching a group of hot girls only to be embarrassingly rejected.

It's so much easier to sweet-talk a girl without her looking you square in the eye and while she's thinking about your height and job.

Holly Garner I had a cyber pick-up encounter recently that started with mild flirting on Facebook chat. I thought it was quite harmless, but you don't know whether the guy is sitting there trying his luck with 10 other girls.

He was saying some pretty bold stuff — cheeky things that blokes only generally say on the dance floor after a few too many beers.

I was cynical at first, but then started to buy into the hype. I checked Facebook constantly for messages, much like waiting for the phone call.

The next stage was meeting in person, which is probably the biggest problem with this type of set-up. Will they look like their photos? Will their personality be the same or will they be as boring as a librarian?

Once you start chatting, it may feel like you have known them forever, but then how much of it is true?

I chickened out on the meet-up with this potential Internet lover, deciding that the cons outweighed the pros. I decided that the room for deception was too great.

Do you guys think it's alright to pick up via social networking sites? Have you met anyone half decent? Have your say below.

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User comments
I met my fiance on facebook. Got to know her that way and make sure she wasn't a ho-bag. Over the course of nearly a year we text, then talked, then met......and eventually started our relationship. Bottom line is that not everyone's dodgy, but there are many who are. It all comes down to your choices, what you're looking for, and whether or not you believe the people you're chatting to are genuine or not.
The irony of this article is staggering. NZ popular culture, U.S.A style., is so obsessed with sex, ppl will binge on it like they binge on drunken fun nights out. So consumed by sex that men and women can barely have a drunken GENUINE SOCIAL CONVERSATION without it being interpreted as "hitting on someone". On another issue, I've had a few foreigners tell me NZ takes the cake for being socially awkward, shy and reserved...not the english! I totally agree in my 26yrs there. Merge the 2 issues of a hyper sex obsessed nation with the big socially awkward and shy bollocks...and you get weak kiwi jock wannabes and attention seeking sluts resulting in a mass orgy....which would seem ideal and fun to them...yet Melbournians (whom don't have a binge mentality toward sex, drinking, fun, and food) with a far more balanced lifestyle are a far far happier and healthier bunch than kiwis in NZ. NZ popular youth culture needs a major dose of commonsense...or are all the thinkers heading overseas!
Ok what's wrong with accepting or tolerating people for what they do and who they are, if they're not hurting anyone? I mean, come on. My husband is fine with what I do, and I'm fine with what he does. So everyone is merry.
DC seems to know the score and because you do you're one of the success stories - good to hear. A guy I know through work constantly brags about sleeping with women he's met online. He's a scumbag, although the girls he meets must be crazy immature and easily led on. He lies about his age (takes off 10 years), his job, interests and his past. When the girl works it out he's already had sex with them so moves on to another. What an empty shallow existence it is. I'm amazed people are so desperate for sex they'll stoop that low and actually believe this guy? Such is today's society. Perhaps I'm the loser for not jumping on the bandwagon? I guess you have to follow your own morals.
I met my wife online, I was able to feel out the person, then get in phone contact, then meet in person, then get to know them. All this lead into a friendship and marriage. If you are niave enough anyone can be taken advantage of, if your also looking for quick sex, its easy for a female to be led to that by a guy. The number one rule I guess is be safe and meet in public, get to know them and their friends and family. You dont know who someone is until you have known them, their circle of friends and their family for a while.
I don't want to judge people especially as the world is changing in regards to communiaction. Personally I'd never meet up with someone off Facebook or another social site. You don't know who the person is and I'm not desperate for a date. I think I'd come across as a perfect target doing so and although I could assess the situation when I arrive, why bother? I already know I won't be sleeping with the person. Jared's comment was a little foul, but I understand that point of view and tend to agree.
I have to agree with the poster, and I'm a guy that loves sex as much as the next person, just not enough to meet randoms off Facebook or other sites. Amiria are you serious? Get some respect for yourself. Just "no-strings fun" isn't so much fun if you meet someone you do want a relationship with. What are they going to think of you? A chick with confidence issues and a history featuring miles of cock run up her. No thanks.
Sigh, so much apprehension! The internet is just another media for making contact. It's a very expedient media and that is the only thing to be aware (not wary) of. The other party has equal access to the same expedience. It's like all meeting methodes- Caveat Emptor!
I've met heaps of guys from the internet, but I'm not looking for a relationship, just no-strings fun, so it's easy. However, as a woman I have to think about safety. So I let my mate know the internet name of the guy I'm going to meet, my neighbours know what I'm up to and aren't that far away, and I always stock up on condoms. I also never go to the guy's place. I know it's risky giving my address out, but .....
Dont hate the player ok. I use dating sites and find easy women who dont know anything. I just take advantage of the situation that is there, so why not? dont hate players who are doing there thing. its the game. Holla if ya hear me bros!

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