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Your pad says plenty about you

Your pad says plenty about you
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We've all heard that first impressions last. When meeting someone in the flesh we get an idea of their personality and temperament, all by how they carry themselves. Well, the same thing can be said about walking through a person's front door, except maybe multiply the impact by 10.

Your apartment, room or house gives a girl an idea of how clean you are, your interests, taste, style and functionality. Heck, insight into your cooking prowess is right there for her to see and you don't even have to say a word.

Bottom line? Your place says a hell of a lot about you, so you might want to consider long and hard how the place looks before inviting a female around and trying to impress her.

Keeping the kitchen clean is essential Women notice plenty of little things, much of which us guys can overlook and consider trivial, but don't be too worried. As a general rule keeping things clean and decorating sparingly should get the thumbs up.

Clean and functional
Cleanliness is the number-one priority. There is no excuse for rubbish lying around, yesterday's dishes in the sink or clothing all over the bed. If you're incapable of cleaning up after yourself and happy living in a rubble of personal affects, it paints a pretty grim picture of you as a person.

Your place, no matter how big or small, should be orderly. It doesn't take much to keep the dishes clean, clothing folded away and last night's beer cans off the floor. Any rubbish should be taken out or put in the bin, as it's the ultimate turn-off.

On the flip side, if you're a clean freak or overly anal, it can be intimidating and not necessarily working to your advantage. Your living space should be exactly that — liveable. Have a comfy couch and a few magazines on the coffee table if need be, it's not like everything has to be at right angles and out of sight, just tidy and homely.

A bath in the living room is a cool and original idea, but don't be too eccentric Do you walk in and look around in dread, or feel relaxed and happy? Answer that question and you'll have an idea what needs to be done. A simple clean up should put you towards the latter.

Personalise tastefully
Your place means your rules and your character, and that shouldn't be taken away from you. Just realise that too much of something is never a good thing. If your prized possession is a framed All Blacks jersey, then by all means hang it up with pride, but don't surround it with umpteen other pieces of rugby memorabilia.

Basically, you want to come across as interesting, not obsessive. Too much of one thing will make you look unrefined, one-dimensional and possibly immature. A few nice photos of where you've been or an art piece should add balance while providing some good conversation fodder.

If you've got something a little obscure, say a statue or painting that looks a bit odd, but has a story behind it, don't hide it. There's certainly nothing wrong with highlighting an interesting object as long as it doesn't dominate the entire room.

Whatever you do, don't overdo it. Obviously space is paramount, so if you've got little room to work with then stick to basics and individual things rather than cramming everything in.

A bookcase is frequently an overlooked object, but it shouldn't be. Reading indicates culture, and culture often indicates intelligence, so use this to your advantage. Having a selection of books on display is an easy way to fill an empty wall and it definitely adds to the homely feel mentioned earlier.

Warm, clean and basic should bring her back Simplicity
Women tend to like simplicity over fancy, so don't be enticed to fill your pad with gadgets or anything high-tech. Depending what money you've got to spend, a nice TV is about all she'll notice on the technology front. You can be near certain a functional kitchen with a cookbook will seduce her a great deal more than the latest wizardry from Apple.

Keeping your place clean, personal but clutter-free, and on the simple side is a great step towards impressing a woman. Showing her you live in a nice place is a sure-fire way of ensuring she'll want to come back for numerous visits.

What's the most attractive way to decorate an apartment? Have you been to someone's place and been instantly turned off? Have your say below.

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User comments
I know that men and women can be equally tidy or messy. For me personally, even if a guy isn't tidy, cleaning his place before I come over shows that he wants to make an effort for me. I was invited over to a guy's place and it stank of grease because he cooked in his room. It was a turn off, but at least the sights and smells in his room forewarned me as to what I would be getting if he were to get involved with him.
"Bro, Aucks"...that's bang on the money dude! I don't entirely disagree with this article....but it is very much down the lines of a growing NZ male culture to bow down to kiss women *** order to get one! Pretty pathetic male behaviour! Be strong without being a jerk is what I say.
Steve of Waikanae, you got it. The day we stop worrying bout wat the other sex think of wat we say do or think & just get on with being men without trying to impress ANYbody, wil hopefully b the same day we'l start breeding a few more men in2 this society that these insecure poofter type metro sexuals hav unfortunately taken centre stage. I'm not insensitive to a womans needs. That don't mean I suffer fools in being the man I am. & the Mrs knows it. I'm not tidy. But a good keen mum ensured that I'd neva b at a stage that I couldn't manage my own affairs. "Boy. Neva depend on a woman for anything. Learn to cook, be clean in your thought, deed & action. & always pay your own way." In short, b like me Dad. Took a long time to find my Mrs. Thats cos like the few good men there are out here, theas bugger all good woman either. So to all you fine judges of character who've issues with how we (men) are, may I suggest a strong cement tonic. Harden up! And give yourSELF, a nice looong cuddle!
I sorta agree here.. I do like simple, clean and coordinated, but that would make me a hypocrite because I myself am quite messy. Sometimes I forget to clean the bed before going to work, or I leave my hair straightener in the bathroom sink etc etc... The only thing I do make sure is done though is the dishes and my laundry. I think a guy should leave his place the way it is, just give it a once over before having guests over. I was taught to clean the house before guests arrive, so that should be something you do automatically. If I see a guy who doesn't put in the effort to make his place at least welcoming to guests, then that says alot about his own self. To me I'd think, lazy, spoilt, no aspirations, messy, grubby and not worth my time. =)
I'm a woman who has flatted since I was 18 and didn't want to burden my parents by bumming at home. I was raised to look after myself, be hygienic & well-groomed but I have come across girls who live like absolute pigs in a sty. It's not that hard just to do a general clean at least once a week. I'm not prissy or suffering from OCD but I do like to walk in the door and know that I don't need to wash my hands after touching my couch. Most guys I know since I moved from NZ to Australia are pretty clean & their place is immaculate & a pretty cool bachelor pad. Its not a lie if you keep your place tidy, it just means that you're hygienic and observant enough to notice if opening your door fridge makes you want to puke then you should probably clean it out. My hubby was slobby until he met me and I didn't nag him about chores or anything - he just picked up that he feels better when he comes home to a clean house that looks great & he started helping me keep it tidy.
What about a man who won't let a woman friend into his house as it is so messy. He says he is embarrassed about the state of the place and worried it will put his woman friend off him.
Throw all the extra stuff away. I was messy and did my thing but once my girl told me to clear it all away the place is awesome. My place is still mine just a much better version. Don't look like a dirty desperate loser guy and you won't be treated like one... trust me bros.
All true I guess but each to their own. If you are one way then no point changing for anyone. Its just you and who you want to be. Girls might not like me place but fine they aren't worth it.
I agree with some points a house or apartment does say alot about you however if you are a person who doesnt like what they see then maybe there not the one for you. Trust Me if you like rugby then why cant you have every rugby collectable going (if thats your thing) displayed with pride?? Where one person would run with hands screaming in the opposite direction towards a clutter free zone I am certain there will be another person who will find such things to there cup of tea or coffee whichever they prefer
I tend to agree with Steve in that some women are incredibly grubby. They are the lazy ones and you can pick them. Every girl I've dated has commented on my living space with pleasant surprise saying how clean I am and I think it made them like me more. It's true that a comfortable and clean home will help win a girl. If it's a mess with crap all about she will not be back.

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