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World Cup celebrations are often as memorable as the goals that proceeded them - here's our pick of the bunch.

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Extraordinary journey for the ordinary

13:00 Fri Jan 25 2013
Magda Cortez

Lynx will be giving away an out-of-this-world experience: a trip to space. And two Kiwis will have the opportunity to experience what some elite few already have.

Unilever, the maker of consumer products including men's deodorant Lynx, has propelled its biggest launch campaign in 30-years.

In a worldwide promotion to celebrate their newest fragrance 'Apollo', Lynx will be giving 22 punters the chance to experience Earth from outer space.

Buzz Aldrin, the second man ever to set foot on the moon, made the announcement in New York earlier this month.

"I've joined forces with Axe* to create the AXE Apollo Space Academy sending 22 guys and girls to space."

The Axe Apollo Space Academy is an online competition that promises the winners to embark on a journey to the edge of space and back aboard a private spaceship, earning astronaut status.

"My journey into space was an adventure of a lifetime for me and I'm thrilled to help give this opportunity to a new generation of adventurers,"said Aldrin.

Two New Zealanders will be selected to be flown to the space academy in Orlando, Florida to encounter what it is like to be an astronaut. They both have the opportunity to secure a place to go into space in 2014.

The winning space travellers will fly in a space shuttle built by the U.S. company XCOR Aerospace and operated by the tourism firm Space Expedition Curacao.

The campaign begins 1st March and is worth approximately $23.6 million, according to Unilever.

*Lynx is referred as Axe in USA and Europe

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