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10 ways to look good instantly

By Hugh Wilson
10 ways to look good instantly
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Looking good is easier than you think and worth a little effort for all the right reasons. Here are 10 steps to instant style

You may think that looking really good requires time, money and effort, and that a sharp, confident style doesn't come easily. You may not be overly interested in your appearance either, but with obvious benefits, perhaps it's time to think again?

We're not talking high-fashion here - it's all about dressing to get the girl, the job and, perhaps just a little, about impressing those around you, including your mates. It's not about vain preening - it's about making the most of what you have. Here are 10 simple and effective ways to look better - more natural, stylish and self-assured - that work instantly. Why not give them a go?

Change your attitude
A positive attitude can work wonders for your appearance A simple change in attitude can do wonders for your appearance, experts reckon. Vanity is only a bad thing if you take it too far. If you don't then it's natural, human and has real benefits.

For example, US figures show that attractive or at least decent-looking people earn more than their dowdy peers. Vanity also motivates us to keep fit and eat healthily. Once you realise that a little bit of vanity is no bad thing. Once you realise that, the battle's half won.

Get rid of the rubbish
We all have at least a few items of clothing that, quite frankly, we'd be better off without. They may have looked fine when you bought them, or they may have always looked awful, but they're probably now baggy where they should cling and shapeless where they should be fitted. And we wear them anyway, pairing them up with better clobber in the vain hope that at least they won't be noticed.

Perhaps it's time to throw them away or give them to your local charity shop. Your wardrobe should only be home to clothes that make you feel good when you wear them. Time to purge the bad stuff.

Quality before quantity
Paying attention to quality materials and good craftsmanship over mere quantity will improve your look.

The above may leave you seriously depleted in some departments, but that's another psychological change you have to accept.

Quality before quantity. As mentioned, everything you own should make you feel good when you wear it. So invest in fewer, better pieces and not more of the ones that lose shape after one wash.

Know your size
Most of us are probably wearing something in the wrong size, and it's usually a little too big. Avoid buying trousers with an unnecessary extra inch round the waist 'just in case', and don't buy baggy T-shirts because you think they're more comfortable. You'll soon get used to the feel of a closer fit and it will make you happier with your appearance and more confident at the same time.

Your size fluctuates over time, so check your measurements before you go clothes shopping

When buying suits and work shirts, get properly measured so you have clothes that fit the real you, rather than the you who likes 'room to expand'. Correctly fitting clothes will go a long way to making the most of your physique and concealing parts you'd prefer were hidden from view.

Dress well today - and tomorrow
We all have a tendency to dress well for 'special' occasions. The flipside of that is that we often don't put as much effort into how we look the rest of the time. Which could mean throwing on any old clobber for work and pulling out all the stops for Friday night. Or we'll look sharp for the office but scruffy for the weekends.

Try to dress as well as you can every day. It will do your confidence a world of good, and means that you'll come to be known as a stylish man, rather than a man who can look stylish only when he bothers to make the effort (which has slightly slovenly connotations). And you never know when the girl of your dreams, or an important work contact, might walk through the door. Best to be well dressed, and ready for anything, all the time.

Don't be afraid to start again
If you're not happy with your wardrobe, it might be time to hit the shops Many men throw on an outfit, feel that something's not right, and wear it all day anyway.

If you're not happy with something, take it off and try something else. Similarly, don't stick with a new hairstyle just because it's new. If you felt more comfortable and confident with the one you had before, be prepared to rewind. And that's because...

...It's about confidence
To bang home the message, if you look good you'll feel confident, and confident men get results - in all sorts of areas. If any part of your style or grooming routine this morning has left you feeling uncomfortable or seriously underwhelmed, it's time for a change.

Stand tall
But it doesn't matter how good your clothes, or how confident they've made you feel, if you then slouch, slump or sit hunched over your desk.

Clothes hang best if you have a straight, upright posture. Stand tall, in other words, and your clothes will fit more naturally. You'll also come across as self-assured and in control, so it's an easy to win on many fronts.

Get walking
A good walk will work wonders for your appearance and attitude Go for a brisk walk, either before work (get off the bus a stop early if necessary) or in your lunch hour. It will perk you up, get blood pumping (giving you a healthy and attractive glow), and make you look and feel full of vim. It will help your posture too (see above).

Seriously, men who seem energetic also look purposeful and confident. Getting a brisk walk in is one way to get that look with minimal extra effort.

attention to details
Women know that details matter, but many men don't. It sounds obvious but do make sure your nails are clean and regularly trimmed, and that your teeth are as white as regular brushing and flossing can make them.

Oh, and wear good underwear and socks, even if you don't have a date. As your female friends will tell you, wearing good smalls builds self-confidence from the inside out (or bottom up!).

So there you have it, 10 easy ways to look good instantly. So simple that they've got to be worth a try, surely?

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